General and individual

ID Violation Penalty
1 Members of the participant’s family on the track 10 seconds per violation
2 Early start (before the end of the 2nd short beep) 2 seconds
3 Non-permitted equipment Disqualification
4 Equipment not worn correctly (e.g. pants over boot shaft, etc.) 2 seconds
5 Touching objects without asking the referee (hose package, hammer, PA, etc.) 2 seconds
6 Hose package touches the bottom of the tower outside the box 2 seconds per package
7 Item (hose package, equipment) falls from the tower Disqualification
8 Not using the handrails while running down 2 seconds per handrail (left & right respectively)
9 Skipping a step while running down the tower (Also by tripping) 2 seconds per step
10 Early termination of the hammering machine 2 seconds per field
11 Hammer does not hit the front face of the hammering machine 2 seconds per violation
12 Entering the hammering machine outside the standing areas 5 seconds
13 Hammer does not touch the deposit field 2 seconds
14 Lost control of the hammer (e.g. flying hammer) Disqualification
15 Missing a pylon 5 seconds per pylon
16 Tipping over a pylon 2 seconds per pylon
17 Target is not knocked down with water jet 2 seconds
18 Jet remains in front of the blue mark on the door frame 2 seconds
19 Stream tube is not closed correctly (opening by impact is penalty-free) 5 seconds
20 Not handling Randy properly (pulling on extremities, clothing or throwing) 5 seconds
21 Hindering another participant 5 seconds
22 Crossing the center rolled hose into the adjacent lane 5 seconds
23 Breathing air supply exhausted Disqualification
24 Remove regulator or mask Disqualification
25 Pulmonary machine or mask torn off Single decision by Course Marshal
26 Lost and left lying equipment carried Disqualification
27 Unsportsmanlike conduct (such as throwing objects, cheating, fouling, insulting) min. 10 seconds / disqualification by Course Marshall
28 Total time (men 6 minutes, women 7 minutes) exceeded Disqualification


ID Violation Penalty
29 Intentionally adjusting the straps/bottle strap 5 seconds
30 Buckle of the belly belt apparently not closed before entering the tower (An opening of the buckle during the run remains penalty-free) 2 seconds
31 Harnesses not visibly fastened before entering the tower 2 seconds per belt
32 Bottle change outside the transition area (between back edge box and target media) 2 seconds
33 Quick release not engaged 2 seconds
34 Bottle retaining strap (Velcro or plastic buckle) not closed 2 seconds
35 Bottle falls off the 2nd runner’s plate before finishing Disqualification
36 Partner follows beyond the last hydrant 2 seconds


ID Violation Penalty
37 Lamp is actively touched by non-active member Disqualification
38 Torch is not carried properly (pocket, mouth, etc.) Disqualification
39 Takeover person has no control of the flashlight at the time of handover 2 seconds
40 Torch falls more than one level from the tower Disqualification
41 Station not completed by handover person 2 seconds
42 Station is started by acceptor before handover 2 seconds
43 Participants follow beyond last hydrant 2 seconds

Basically, a task is considered completed as soon as the following task is started. A previously caused penalty can no longer be corrected at this point.
Examples: The carrying up of the hose package is completed as soon as the rope at the top of the tower is touched or the baton has been handed over.
Violations not further listed here will be evaluated in individual cases by the Course Marshall and penalized if necessary.